LINKS LINKS FUNDUS MECHANICAL WORK WORKSHOP IMPRINT REFERENCES/LINKS VITA FUNDUS  THEATER WORKSHOP ROBERT FRENZEL Replica of an Egyptian mummy with sarcophagus The sarcophagus was made in historical technology length: 170cm “The Dockers” like Constantin Meunier height: 50cm Animal sculpture Pelikan heigth: 120cm David - like Michelangelo Buonarotti heigth: 600cm project Ozeaneum - Whales lifesize collaboration as a sculpture for P. Ardelt
dead horses, stage decoration lifesize Whale fluke as an fontain - width communal with S. Nestler und R. Nowak Lipsia, monumental headsculpture Height: 6m frogfish length: 20cm Bat as a mummy length: 25cm Up Cats - death, stage decoration lifesize  Madonna, Copy Height: 1,7 m “Human Bird”, bronze imitation heigth: 170 cm  Otto Dix lifesize
Armor of a Samurai - made of paper height: 2 m flying angel height ca.: 80cm Carp, stage decoration length: 1m lifelike figures lifesize Pharao figures - seated statue heigth: 450cm Triceratops, plastic manufacturing length: 350 cm Wagner Portrait height: 500 cm “Amor the Panther reining” like Ernst Rietzschel size: 70 x 50cm Wreath of roses, film decoration diameter: 50cm “Venetian fertility Fries” size: 60 x 35cm  Monks, lifelike figures lifesize monumentalportrait Johann Sebastian Bach Height: 3,3m monumental sculpture Roboter Height: 3m